The Beginning - 1877

The Pommier Family's relationship with jewellery can be traced back to 1877, when Eugene Pommier opened the very first Pommier Jewellers in the Nation's Capital. Eugene was a pioneer in his day and little could predict just how far his enterprise would go. Eugene Pommier had Five sons who all inherited his love and knowledge of the diamond. They all eventually opened their own jewellery stores in various parts of Ontario and Quebec. 

Moving to Cornwall- 1937

One such son was Mr. Armand Pommier, who opened Pommier Jewellers at 105 Montreal Road, Cornwall in 1937. Mr. Armand Pommier made jewellery and optrometry his lifetime career. Armand Pommier had 6 childern, but it was his youngest that truly fell in his footsteps. 

House of Gifts - 1952

Armand Pommier's youngest son Georges Pommier grew up with an interest in the jewellery bussiness. Georges was walking in the footsteps of his father but also those of his Grandfather. With his father, Georges Pommier completed a five year apprenticeship before opening his own store. the year was 1952 when Georges set up shop in the Cornwallis Hotel unter the trade name "House of Gifts". The House of Gifts adopted a style to suit the times and business expanded!

Warren-Pommier Ltd – 1965

In 1965 Pommier Jewellers merged with another firm in town, owned by the well-known and well-recommended Mr. Harold Warren. And so began “Warren-Pommier Jewellers Ltd”. Who operated at 13 Second Street East until 1986. Georges, His wife Jacqueline and John Pommier all worked at the store along side Harold. Georges and his wife continued the jewellery store selling jewellery, watches and fine china. They had 3 children; Rosanne, Maryse and Andre. André showed interest in the business at a very young age as he used to sweep the floor, vacuum, doing windows and taking out the garbage.  When he was 17 years old, he already knew he would become a jeweller and went to George Brown College in Toronto to do a 3 years graduate Goldsmithing Degree.  At this time, his father Georges offered him to join the business in a partnership. Later, Maryse, who was working in Montreal decided to come back and work at the store.

Pommier Jewellers 1986

1986, with the passing of their very special Mom Jackie, Georges, Maryse and Andre decided to reopen a new modern Pommier Jewellers across the street at 6, Second Street East where it is presently located today. As the store was continuing to grow and Georges was getting older, he offered André to buy the remaining of the shares in 1997. André decided to give a portion to Maryse and to this date, they are still active in working very hard to make sure Pommier Jewellers continues to grow according to their vision. Andre is getting more involved in the community supporting all kinds of events. Due to this, Pommier Jewellers has grown to become an important community center at the heart of Cornwall’s downtown.

80th Anniversary – 2017

2017 marked the 80th Anniversary for Pommier Jewellers in the city of Cornwall. For 80 years, Pommier Jewellers has grown with its community. For 80 years, Pommier Jewellers has grown with its community and the future is as bright as any diamond

Today – Present

Even at 90 years old, Mr. Georges Pommier continues to come to work everyday, fixing watches at his bench and being so proud of what he has accomplished. Pommier Jewellers continues to pride themselves in honesty, quality and personal service. The Beautiful Pommier Square right outside the shop has become a hub for many important community events. One could say that the diamond does not fall far from the tree. France, Andre’s wife, joined the business in 2012 and their daughters Jade and Bianca have started working weekends, as well as some evenings. Today as in 1877, the diamond is still the heartbeat of the business.

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