About Pommier Jewellers


The Pommier family’s relationship with the jewellery business can be traced back to 1879, when Eugene Pommier opened the first Pommier Jewellers in the Nation’s Capital, just a short hour’s drive northwest of Cornwall. Eugene Pommier had five sons, all of whom eventually opened their own jewellery stores in various parts of Ontario and Quebec. One such son was Mr. Armand Pommier, who opened Pommier Jewellers at 105 Montreal Road in Cornwall in 1937. His son Georges became interested in the business, and after a five year apprenticeship with his father, he opened his own store in 1952.

We Take Special Pride In Taking Care Of Our Customers, And Your Satisfaction Is Always Guaranteed.

From our insightful and expert team to sourcing a hard to find product, we will work hard and without compromise to service your needs. If you have ever thought “I wonder if they do that?”, just ask … at Pommier Jewellers the answer is usually YES!

Tradition remains a strong part of the Pommier success story. Over 100 years after the first Pommier began business, it has become Andre’s turn to head the business.

Andre Pommier honed his knowledge of the jewellery business by studying at George Brown College, and in the process became an award winning Canadian designer goldsmith. Andre has maintained and surpassed the client base since taking the reins from his father.

Our Creations Often Become Cherished Family Heirlooms, A Testament To Our Unwavering Commitment To Quality And Value.

A gift of fine jewellery often becomes a treasured and loved possession that has both symbolic and true emotional meaning. Why settle for a mass produced ring, bracelet or necklace when you can just as easily a truly unique item designed and made just for you? Whether your preference is gold, silver or platinum, Andre will turn your vision into a one-of-a-kind work of art.